At REPTO we maintain a very clear and innovative course curriculum format which match the best need of our students and generates the most sales.

To create the best curriculum for our students. We should follow the below rules.

  1. A best selling course consists of Earning Proof, Earning Guideline, Practical Projects/Work and Some premium Resources files(The resource files can only be downloaded by paid students).

  2. The course will be consist of Some Sections and Each Section will contain a few lectures.

    1. Each Course must have at least 3 sections.

    2. Each Section must have at least 1 lectures.

  3. Each Section must cover no more than one specific topic/Skill of the course. For example, If you are creating a Mathematic Course then the 1 section should cover only one topic eg. summation or division. 

  4. Every REPTO Paid course must have a freemium access of at least 30% of the course. To enable freemium please Course Freemium Policy and Format

  5. The best selling course curriculum should maintain the following format. For example let's take our Best Selling Graphic Design Course Curriculum.

Section 1

Graphic Design Career Guideline.

In this section we will talk about the problems of creating a successful career with career guideline and earning proof of the trainer.

Lecture 1

Why you are not successful in your Graphic Design Career.

Or Problems of Creating a Successful Graphic Design Career. 

In this lecture you will talk about the problems/obstacles the student of this courses are facing to create a successful career.
What are the obstacles faced by the students in physical training centers.

Lecture 2

How this course will help you to create a successful Career in Graphic Design

In this lecture the eTeacher will talk about how this course will help the students to become a successful graphic designer.

How the course will show will provide a complete guide to create or start a career in graphic design.

What are the resources or projects the student will get/learn which will help to create a successful career.

How this course will show step by step to start or build a successful career.

Lecture 3

About my Career Success

or My Earning Proof.

Success Proof of the eTeacher. 

How the eTeacher doing in his career. 

Lecture 4

Job/Career Opportunity in Graphic Design.

In this lecture The trainer will talk about the job/career scopes and opportunity available in Graphic Design. 

Freelancing Opportunities etc.

Lecture 5

Whole Course Overview and How to take support from Me

In this lecture the trainer will show the whole course overview(Fast Forwarding of the lectures). The eTeacher will talk about each section and how the section will benefit the students and How students can use REPTO Support system to take support from the trainer. 

Or How the students can download the source file.

Section 2

Project Overview of this Course

In this section the eTeacher will talk about the projects/Practical works that the trainer will show in the course in each Lecture.

Lecture 6

Project 1

Teacher will show the final product of the First Project/Practical Work.

Lecture 7

Project 2

Teacher will show the final product of the First Project/Practical Work.

Lecture 8

Project 3

Teacher will show the final product of the First Project/Practical Work.

Lectures will continue if there is more projects.

Lecture 9

Final Project Overview/Resource Overview and Download Resource

Section 3

The Course Will start from here according to your format.

Last Section

In the last section of the course The eTeacher must cover career/earning guideline

That's how you can create the best course curriculum for your course which will generate a very good number of revenue for you. 

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