There is no fee to create and host a course on REPTO, and you can publish as many free and paid courses as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership, where instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and REPTO is rewarded for driving new students to our instructors.

Instructor Revenue Share Overview

A summary of common revenue share scenarios is provided below. Please keep in mind the revenue will be shared based on net revenue/sales amount. 

Net Revenue/Sales means the amount of Taka the user paid to purchase the course. For example, If your course price is 1000 BDT. If a user purchase your course with 500 Taka Coupon Discount and 250 Credit the net revenue of the course is 250 BDT Only. We will share revenue on that net 250 BDT.

  • Instructor Promotion: 75% revenue share on sales made by instructors where the student purchases their course using an Instructor Coupon (there is 25% administrative processing fee)

  • REPTO Organic: 50% revenue share on organic REPTO sales where no Instructor Coupon is used. REPTO and the instructor share equally on these sales, which might occur after a user browses the REPTO marketplace for courses and makes a purchase.

  • Paid User Acquisition Channel Sales: 25% instructor revenue share in most cases. In order to optimize your sales, we partner with affiliates across our global networks or pay for advertising for your course.

Depending on the partner or the costs of the advertising, the revenue share may vary but will be 25% in most cases. REPTO sets aside 75% to pay for advertising costs and/or partner payouts that help us acquire those new users.


Instructors can track all incoming sales in their Revenue Report. The report includes the date of purchase, student name, revenue channel attribution, total price paid and your revenue.

The details of the revenue can be seen from the eTeacher Dashboard Course Sales Details. See the marked section in the image bellow.